real weddings: favorite candid moments from the year

Sometimes the best moments come in between the posing and the portraits.

These are some of my favorite candid moments from the past year of wedding photography.

Thanks to all for having me along to document these wonder-filled days.

{Jill and her sisters on her wedding day.}
{A little help from mom.}
{Lauren’s sister helps her with her veil.}

{Jill’s father gives a charming wave as he walks her down the wooded path to her backyard wedding.}

{Dave sees his bride, Paige, for the first time.}

{And Paige steals a look at her groom during their ceremony on the Salem Harbor.}

{Ashley gets a surprise from Joe.}

{Jill and her uncle get teary-eyed, as Brian listens.}

{Jordan feeling the love on a beach in Florida.}
{Hugs and prayers.}

{A hi-five for Izzi and Darreck.}

{Mel and Vickie head off into the Rhode Island rain, newly married and sharing an umbrella.}
{Joe does the happy dance.  Paige is feeling playful.}

{Jeremie and his best man, Pierre.}

{Rachel, caught in the fading light, at the start of her wedding reception at the Lyman Estate.}

{Matt makes Lauren laugh.}

{Jordan and Jeremie laugh together.}

{Izzi can’t stop laughing as we attempt a jumping photo.}
{A toast to the bride and groom.}
{Wedding guests cool off by the pool.}
{Bo steals a kiss during our bridal portraits.}
{These two brides are all smiles as they dance their first dance.}
{Vickie clings to her chair as she is lifted above the crowd during the Jewish Hora dance.}
{Bo takes to the mic with the band during his wedding reception.}
candid wedding photographer Boston MA
{And Rachel cheers him on.)
{Jordan and Jeremie take a moment together.}
 {Guests celebrate in the glow of the tent.}

Cara Brostrom is a Boston based wedding photographer, who loves to capture the moments in between.

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