How do you make your photos look so ‘dreamy?’

This is my signature combination of digital camera settings, Canon L-series lenses, classic film emulation and working with natural and available light.


What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I photograph with top of the line Canon digital cameras, L-series lenses, on and off-camera flash, shooting an original image and a backup in camera as I go.


Can we meet you?

Absolutely! I would be happy to give you a complimentary wedding photography consultation. I am based in Boston and do in-person meetings weekdays in my neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. If you are not local or have a busy schedule we can meet “in person” over Skype or Facetime. You will get the whole scoop on the wedding day from my perspective as your photographer, and you’ll also have a chance to get to know me better and see if I am the kind of lady you want following you around all day with a camera. I think you will say yes.


Do you work with a second photographer?

Couples hire me for my artistic style and unique perspective. I typically work solo for this reason. However, having a second perspective can often be very important to documenting the wedding day and so I do offer the option to book a second shooter through me. If you have an extensive guest list or multiple, overlapping locations, or if you just want another perspective I recommend booking a second artist to photograph your wedding day. My second photographers are independent professionals who run their own wedding photography businesses. I love their vision, their artistry, and if I were married again I wouldn’t hesitate to have one of these incredible artists photograph my own wedding!


We love your artful and ethereal style, but we also need to take some more formal family portraits. Do you do those?

Yes, of course! I am super organized about planning for and taking your family portraits. I try to make this process as easy and organic as possible.


How many finished images will we receive?

You will receive hundreds of beautifully edited, curated shots of your wedding day. The exact number depends on the number of hours and photographers you book, but I usually deliver between 400 and 600 images. I remove awkward facial expressions and mouths in mid-sentence, blinks, unflattering angles, my own light and exposure test shots, and I narrow down groups of very similar shots to the absolute perfect image.


Can I print my own photos?

Yes, absolutely, print away! Most of my packages include a release for personal printing rights, and if your package includes this then you may print your own photos. I also offer high quality photographic prints at a very reasonable cost, for you or for friends and extended family.


How are the images delivered? Do you use zip drives or DVDs?

Your images will be delivered over the internet via digital download. You may save this file to as many computers and hard drives as you own. I don’t use thumb drives or DVDs as these types of media sometimes fail and don’t last forever, and many computers and tablets don’t support these types of temporary storage media. Plus, I can get your images to you faster with digital delivery!


What if you have a problem with your camera, or you lose our photos?

I carry backup cameras with me, and plenty of extra lenses and data storage to photograph your day. Once I had a camera freeze up on me mid-shoot, it certainly does happen. That’s why I keep extra cameras with me.

Immediately following your wedding day I make multiple copies of your wedding images and save them to both on and off-site locations.


What if the unexpected happens and you can’t shoot our wedding day?

I’ve never missed a wedding day, it would have to be something huge for me to not be able to come! However, if the totally unforeseeable were to happen I have a backup network of pro photographers all over New England who would back me up in a second. I would do the same for them.


Do you photograph other life events and assignments?

Currently, I am photographing maternity, birth, newborns, and families for my wedding clients and direct personal referrals only. If you are interested in commissioning a commercial or editorial photography assignment, please see my artist’s site www.carabrostrom.com.


We love it all! How do we book?

Send me a message with your wedding details to check availability and if its still free you can reserve your wedding date with a paid retainer and a signed contract. I accept checks, credit cards, and Paypal.




canoe wedding photography

“Cara Brostrom, owner of Wonderbliss, is not your average wedding photographer. You won’t find any traditionally posed photos in her portfolio. Instead, you will find that her photos show a wedding in a natural and authentic fashion. Her passion for wedding photography is clear from her photographs. Her goal is to create wedding photos that will not only show your special day but will evoke the emotion of your wedding each time you look at them. Based in the Boston area, and available for destination work, Cara is a true artist who will capture the raw, emotional moments of your wedding stunningly!”

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